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What Are Pastor Afraid Of?

I will begin by confessing that I am a little frustrated today, with some pastors, and the way they function in the Kingdom of God. I will attempt to answer the question as to “WHY” as I write this article. I am an evangelist; so

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To Set At Liberty Them That Are Bruised

I have not been able to contribute much writing to my blog lately. But I have some time now to write this message. Especially being that I believe the Lord has laid a word for you on my heart for you. Jesus said in Luke

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“The Making of a Man of God” is now available!

By Carl Brown We are so excited to announce our newest book is now available! I want to thank everyone who helped make this possible. “The Making of a Man of God” is available in hardback. Note: Please allow 14 days delivery. Share on

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You Have Left Your First Love!

Every Believer have experienced the benefits of The Cross at the point of being Born Again. But not knowing how to live for The Lord, we invariably leave our first Love: We can regain it! If we would do what Jesus said, “Remember from whence

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