We felt the Presence of the Lord at our very first Cross Unveiled Crusade

We had our first Cross Unveiled Crusade – New Lives For Old on Friday, February 26th at The House of Judah Ministries in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Carl Brown Ministries would like to acknowledge the graciousness of Pastor Lawrence Hardy and the church family of The House of Judah Ministries, and we want to say thank you!. We had, and will have at everyone of the crusades someone to share a testimony of what the cross has done in their lives. Times ago the church would have some testify of how they got saved. Now we are not only testifying of how we got saved, but now also how to live for the Lord in sanctification by way of the cross.

We experienced a little bit of Pentecost, the Spirit of God feel in the midst of the people and we all began to rejoice around the altars. Many responded to the altar call, and after prayer the glory fell. Many began to dance and rejoice and it became infectious. We had a great crowd for a first time crusade. Our next crusade will be on Friday, March 11th at the American Legion Post here in Baton Rouge, you can get the information from the listings of our itinerary. You need to make plans and preparations to be here if it’s at all possible. There is nothing like being in the presence of The Spirit of The Lord, one minute in His presence could change a life forever!

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