Racism In The Body of Christ Pt.3

As stated in the previous article, Pt. 2 to this very provocative subject this will be the final Pt. 3 to this series. I also stated that I would be dealing with reverse Racism. Racism within the life of the Black community. And please do remember, we are trying to deal with this subject from a Christian perspective, with straight talk. I also stated that I would be dealing with Reverse Racism from Blacks:

While growing up in the Black community from the time as I was old enough to remember, which I am 64 years old now. There would always be statements regarding the White race, both direct and indirectly communicated in the negative about White people. Those statements would always be centered around how the White man hated us as Black people. Not so much how we should hate them, but how so much they hated us. But hatred did develop among many Blacks as a result! So the disapproval of the White race was not from a superior point of view, it was a reaction to what had been taught, and reinforced by how Blacks were treated.

There were those, older Blacks, many have cease to exist in life today, that did carry hatred for the White man. And taught that rage and hatred to young Black boys and girls. So all of us, both Black and White, have been touched by this insidious Cancer called Racism that have destroyed so many lives. And to some extent still destroys possible friendships and relationships, even in our experiences in church and in the Body of Christ. So just like the White Christian, if the Black Christian does not know how to get victory over sin, then Racism still lurks within their inner man. Some may ask how can this be in a Christian. Again I will refer you to a statement made in Pt.2 to this article. If their is not an understanding of the sin nature and how it still works in the life of the Christian. Then we don’t understand how victory comes through what Jesus did on Calvary’s cross. Just like there are other sins from our past that still lingers in the Christian that cannot be overcome by will power. Neither will the Cancer of Racism be overcome by will power.

I want for the next few paragraphs to deal with Reverse Racism; perhaps in a different way that what perhaps some of you may have assumed I would. The definition of Reverse Racism is “Intolerance or prejudice directed at members of historically dominant racial groups.” In layman terms, Black Racism against Whites! In either case Racism ultimately destroys individuals who choose to hold onto their wrong passions against another. And let’s not fool ourselves, it is destroying the people of the world. But it should not and don’t have to destroy the people of God. The type of Racism in the world today is not as prevalent opening as it use to be, as one should understand. It’s covered up, but still there because you cannot legislate morality!

I want to hit on a Reverse Racism within the Black Community that’s even far more destructive than Black on White Racism. When White Racism is not the issue, Racism still hinders the Black community. And that is Black on Black Racism! Which in this case is an intolerance for one another of the same race! I don’t see this kind of Racism in the White community. Now I do believe there are Whites that are indifferent towards other Whites because of economic standings, or achievements, or proposed heritage. But in the Black community, Reverse Racism is based solely on being Black. We do more damage to one another today than the White man of today’s time. It can be to some degree considered, institutionalized Racism, even in the Body of Christ! And this insidious Cancer has plagued the Black communities and Black lives since Slavery.

As I wrote my first book “The Strength of Black America” The Role of Black Women In The End Times! I researched some information regarding the past of Blacks that opened my eyes to questions that has been asked within the Black community for as long as Blacks have been free. And those question are “why can’t Black people come together?” Why Blacks don’t frequent each other’s places of business? Why don’t we support one another as it appears the White community do and every other ethic group does? Why has the term the “Craw fish mentality” been established among Blacks? How can other Ethnic groups come into Black communities with their businesses and rake millions of dollars out of it. And the Black brother’s business is forced to close his doors due to lack of patronizing by his own community? Why are Blacks so willing to help the White man, but let his own brother suffer without his support? And yes, I am still talking about Christianity here.

The answer I found during my research for my book was absolutely astounding. When Blacks were Slaves, pardon me, but I have to go here! White Slave Owners would teach Blacks how not to trust one another, how to be in competition with one another. Black men were even taught that to have more children made you more of a man. This was all done to keep Blacks on the plantation. For if Blacks would ever come together then a revolt would happen on the plantation. Can you imagine, for the most part one White slave Owner and his Family with many Blacks on their plantation? That mindset instilled in Blacks have never really been confronted. And is passed down unknowingly from generation to generation. For those of you who are not familiar with the term “craw fish mentality.” If you put a bunch of craw fish “cray fish, for you Northerners” in a bucket, every so often one will work it’s way up to the top of the bucket to get out. But just before he does, another trying to come up will grab him with his paws and pull him down with the rest of them. And it’s a cycle that repeats itself over and over.

Until there are straight talks regarding these issues, that some would rather let their passions get the best of them. And fight and argue rather than understand, Racism will always dominate people as an insidious cancer never really being detected. The Body of Christ can overcome this cancer by understanding the message of the cross. Jesus died on the cross not to just to save us from sins. But to bless us with all things that pertain to life and godliness. In other words, to provide for us a sanctified life through faith, which cannot be obtained by human effort. If you determine that you can overcome the issue of Racism with simply understanding and putting forth a good effort, you will always come up short in failure. The same with any sin, if you attempt on your own to get victory by your efforts; you are doomed to failure. Righteousness (doing things God’s way) come by faith and faith alone in what Jesus did at Calvary’s cross. Put your faith there daily and walk free from all the sin, bondage, and idiosyncrasy’s that hold us back as Christians. And walk in the freedom and victory Jesus purchased for us through His death, and gives it to us freely. And embrace your Black or White brother or sister with the love of God that has been shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost.

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