Racism In The Body of Christ Pt.2

I have decided to write two more articles on this subject, this one will be the first of those two. This article will deal with the white race of people that still deal with Racism against blacks. My next and final article will deal with Reverse Racism from blacks towards whites. We all know there are far more Racism than whites and blacks. But I would never finish this subject if I were to address all Racism towards every ethic group.

Johnny Lee Clary a former Grand Wizard of the Ku Kluk Klan, who happened to be a good friend of mine before he went to be with the Lord. On the program of Frances & Friends one day shared his experience with us; and with the viewing and listening audience of SBN. Johnny Lee said he was taught how to hate blacks from the time he was a little child. I am sure each of you who would read this article have witnessed two little children playing together, one white and the other black. To them, if they haven’t been contaminated by the hatred of older white people. They would play together as any other child would with each other.

Unfortunately that doesn’t always be the case, too often the distinction is made by the white parents to inform their children of the supposed superiority within the white race. You see, the children would already be aware that there is a color difference, and that doesn’t bother them. They just wonder why their color is different. Until they are taught by the parents that the little black child is less than they are. This being in breaded into the child’s thinking at an early age and will always be in their consciousness. So when one accepts Jesus Christ there’s a unintentional tendency to revert to that kind of thinking even as a saved adult.

So there are times when acting out of those thought’s from the past, it can be detected by blacks to whom the action is towards. Most blacks are not overly sensitive to it when it occurs, but when it continues then at times it may be brought to attention of that white individual. I do believe it can be often brought in the wrong spirit. And the subject can be contentious. But if by chance it is brought in the right spirit by the black individual that was offended. By all means whites should try to listen to and try to understand what that individual is saying. Now please keep in mind, I am referring to Christians with this subject, not unbelievers in the world.

Too often whites accuse blacks of being unforgiving or even or mean spirited because the issue is addressed. Rather than listening to the concerns their black Brothers or Sisters. This is when open communication should be practiced. Sometimes whites are too quick to say the wrong things in defense of their actions. If you as a white person know you were taught that you were superior to blacks, it would be somewhat difficult to overcome this with out being aware of it and allowing the Lord to work it out in you.

It’s my personal opinion that it is easier for a black to accept a white person; that it is for a white to accept a black person. Now before you go off angry, hear me out! And remember my next article will probably have blacks going off angry at some of the same things that may be said. Having been taught that you were superior to blacks, you would be coming from somewhat of a lofty viewpoint, accepting someone who was considered less than you are. The blacks find it easier to accept whites because they, coming from a supposed inferior mindset tend to feel good by looking upward, to someone they thought was also superior. That’s pretty hard to do without the intervention of the Lord Jesus Christ breaking down those barriers in either case.

Straight talk is what is really needed! Too often those who have an ax to grind try to address this subject from a prejudicial standpoint. And to some extent that’s why the subject becomes contentious. The reason why Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was so effective and powerful, was that he himself bore no prejudice within himself, and also that God did use him to bring equal rights to this nation. In the same reasoning, this is why Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakan, and others purport to speak against the issue of Racism in the world, is because they are exhibiting reverse Racism!

How can a white person who was taught Racism and being superior as a child overcome this as a Christian? It is by the same way we overcome any sin in the lives of any Christian. By putting their faith in what Jesus accomplished on Calvary’s cross. We should not visit the cross just one time for salvation, this is something we must do daily. Remember what Jesus said to His disciples? Luke 9:23 “And he said to them all, if any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.” Those same words are given to us today! If you are a Christian, and have Racism in your past and you have not overcome this by the cross of Christ, chances are it is still there, and you can’t see it.

When you deny yourself, you are saying Lord I am humbling myself before you, and all of my issues. Jesus paid for all of our sins and our idiosyncrasies at the cross when He said “It Is Finished!” And I am trusting you to take away from me this thing that I cannot get victory over. So when something still lingers within us and we can’t get victory over it, take it to the cross! Deny your ability to overcome it and have faith in what Jesus did for you there. The Holy Spirit will then come and bring to you the grace, and ability to overcome Racism and any other thing that seems to linger in the lives of the Believer. You can have victory of Racism if you will accept first of all that it is still there, then acknowledge it before Him deny yourself, put your faith in what he did on the cross, and victory through the Holy Spirit will be yours.

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